Hilary Macartney


Project Director of The Stirling Maxwell Research Project. Her doctoral thesis for the Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London, examined the important contribution of the nineteenth-century Scottish scholar Sir William Stirling Maxwell to the historiography of Spanish art. A graduate of the University of Glasgow, she began her career in Glasgow Museums. She has also worked in publishing and cultural tourism.

Research Interests

My principal research interests are centred around Spanish art, including its historiography, theory, and reception. They focus in particular on the role of Sir William Stirling Maxwell (1818-78) as scholar and collector of Spanish art. His landmark Annals of the Artists of Spain (1848) was the first photographically illustrated book on art and prompted my wider interests in the reproduction of art, early photography and the relationship between art and photography. Likewise, Stirling Maxwell’s fascination for illustrated books and the relationship between word and image generally have developed my own interests in these areas. More broadly, my research in the above areas is also linked to my long-term interests in nineteenth-century British art, taste and collecting.

Since 2010, many of my research interests and activities have been brought together within The Stirling Maxwell Research Project.  The principal outputs of the first phase of this international and interdisciplinary collaboration were the publication of Copied by the Sun a facsimile and critical edition of the photographic illustrations to Stirling’s book (see PUBLICATIONS), along with an exhibition of the same name held at the Prado Museum in Madrid during May to September 2016 (see EXHIBITIONS below).


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